Faculty Of Medicine In Rabigh

Vice Dean Message

Faculty of Medicine in Rabigh is the latest branch of the King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah to participate in the development of the health sector,supported by a large and particularlyo f the senior management of the King Abdul Aziz University attentively ,headed by the Rector to be a leader in the community and the achievements of scientific research and health services service.. As well as its primary mission in the graduation of generations of male and female doctors.

The goals of King Abdul Aziz University, through the present and future of Rabigh, which entered a new era of scientific, economic and social development. In spite of the small college age, who only two years later, they applied and the latest medical education programs adopted at the level of the world,

Create a teaching hospital recently adopted to have the effect of medical education and contribute to a tool in the development and expansion of health care services supported by drawing maps of medical and health research community, helping to improve health care.

As well as a scientific advisory minute challenges to the health of the community, and activating the movement of scientific research through a program to organize and host local and international conferences, seminars and specialized workshops. It became the Faculty of our reality, in fact, is one of the clues to shed light on the path of goodness and scientific development, and its mission is to service area in general and about the villages, especially by the graduation of generations of male and female doctors at the highest level of efficiency.


Vice Dean

Dr.. Mohammed Fadlallah Farooq

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